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How to Choose a Job Board - The Good, The Bad, and The Downright Ugly!

As a job board operator we only have one purpose, and that is getting relevant applications to the recruiters and employers advertising jobs on our sites.

However, we recognise that it is not easy for potential advertisers to compare online job advertising sites. In our own sector we can clearly see the confusion faced by potential advertisers.

When you look across the job board spectrum it is sometimes possible to see that not all job boards have the same focus! It may be that a job board is directly owned by, or linked to a recruiter through its Directors/Owners. In such a situation the recruiter linked to the job board may gain advantage from the candidates responding to the job ads of other recruiters, and from the development of the candidate database.

In some cases the job board may be linked to a magazine or membership organisation. Often this will mean that the magazine or membership body will offer recruitment services themselves, or be linked in some way to recruiters that they promote or hold up as a partner. They may also have an interest in promoting their other services to candidates.

At Best Job Sites Ltd, we are entirely independent of recruiters, magazines, or membership bodies. In fact we may be the only truly independent UK specialist job board operator in these sectors. Surprising isn’t it!

As well as being entirely, and genuinely, independent, we offer the UK’s most compelling proposition for procurement, logistics, and supply chain job advertising, and we believe that we try harder and achieve considerably more success than any other job sites or magazines in the procurement, logistics, and supply chain sectors.

Our focus is upon delivering the maximum return to our advertisers, generating high quality relevant applications for recruiters and employers across both the private and public sectors.

That’s why we have dominated procurement, logistics, and supply chain job advertising in the UK for more than 12 years.

It should be no surprise that leading procurement, logistics, and supply chain recruiters and Employers advertise on our sites.


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